Attorney. Author. Law Professor. Consultant.

Donald Marvin Jones, a Baltimore native, is Professor of Law at the University of Miami.

Professor Jones is one of the leading commentators in the United States on the civil and political rights of African-Americans and other minorities. He has published widely in the nation’s best law journals.

In 1997, Professor Jones was awarded the James Thomas prize by Yale University recognizing him as one the leading scholars in the country for that year writing in the area of  “civil rights.”

Reaching out to audiences beyond the ivory tower Professor Jones recently published an acclaimed book entitled, Race, Sex, And  Suspicion: The Myth of the Black Male (Greenwood Press 2005).

A now familiar face in the local and national media Professor Jones has appeared on PBS’ Frontline, CNN’s Burden of Proof; O’Reilly’s  The O’ Reilly Factor, Michael Putney’s The Week in Review, where he debated Ward Connerly. More recently Professor Jones served as the legal expert for  NBC 6 explaining to voters the evils of the Arizona Immigration Law. He is also a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of the  The Miami Herald, The South Florida Times, And The Miami Times and In focus Magazine.




Professor Jones has taken a leadership role on many civil rights issues. In 2003, Professor Jones, in conjunction with efforts by Senator Fredericka Wilson, led an investigation into the impact of high stakes testing in inner city schools. In the same year Professor Jones was hired as a Constitutional expert to draft the affirmative action plan for minority contracting in Dade County.

In 2006, he was retained by the City of Miami to review their policy on deadly force.

In 2007, Professor Jones was recognized by the National Bar Association as the "Outstanding Member"  for  that year.

In 2009, Professor Jones was recognized as one of the most influential blacks in South Florida by Success Magazine.


Professor Jones has lectured nationally for many years. Professor Jones has been a keynote or featured speaker for the Law and Society Association, the National Bar Association, The Florida Association of State Judges, The National NAACP convention, The National Association of Black Law Students, The Florida Conference of Black State Legislators and any others. Professor Jones continues to be a sought after speaker at many universities.


When not writing, teaching or appearing on t.v. Professor Jones enjoys bike riding, theatre, chess, and listening to jazz.

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